Monday, August 27, 2012

Wildfire Likes Likeable! Announcing Likeable Media as a Preferred Channel Partner

Did you catch the news? We recently announced that we have selected Likeable as a preferred channel partner. Likeable, a full-service social media and word of mouth marketing firm, will now resell Wildfire’s Social Marketing Suite to its brand clients.

In case you weren't already familiar with it, Wildfire’s Preferred Channel Partner Program enables agencies to expand their offering and provide brands with more comprehensive solutions to meet their social media marketing needs. As a Wildfire preferred channel partner, Likeable can now easily integrate Wildfire’s Suite into its current offerings, enabling the agency to focus on creative development while scaling its business.

In choosing Likeable for the Preferred Channel Partner Program, our CEO Victoria Ransom said, “Likeable is well known for its innovative social campaigns and the agency’s accolades speak to level of creativity and excellence that we look for in a channel partner. Partnering with a market leader such as Likeable addresses Wildfire’s goal to provide agencies across the globe with dynamic social media marketing solutions so they can engage their audience and efficiently scale their business.”

Want to learn more about the partner programs at Wildfire? Find more information here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[WEBINAR] 7 Things Every Marketer Needs to be Doing on LinkedIn

With over 161 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. And it’s also an amazing place for innovative marketers to connect with their audience. We asked 2 experts on the professional social network to join us for a live webinar on August 30th, and you're invited!

Register to attend, and you'll learn:

  • The inside scoop on LinkedIn advertising best practices—so you can drive excellent marketing results

  • A clear understanding of LinkedIn’s free and paid features—so you can grow your brand’s presence on the site

  • Valuable insight into LinkedIn’s hypertargeting capabilities—so you can pinpoint your audience by title, geography, industry, company or other characteristics

Lana Khavinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, and Brian Carter, social media consultant and author of the new book LinkedIn for Business, will share best practices and success secrets from some of the top advertisers, marketers, and salespeople on LinkedIn.

Are you coming? Tell us in the comments, and feel free to drop in any questions you'd like to have answered, we'll make sure they get onto the list!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Wildfire's New Look and Feel

At Wildfire, we work hard to make our powerful tools simple and easy to use. Sometimes this means being revolutionary rather than evolutionary, so we are changing our platform’s look and feel from the ground up. The new interface design is just one step along the way to fulfill the overall vision of Wildfire 2.0, which is to help enterprises optimize their social media engagement.

While we’re sure you’ll appreciate the streamlined design and more intuitive user interface, what we're most excited about is that this foundation makes us even faster when it comes to developing new features. And with our acquisition by Google, the most innovative technology company in the world, we're ready to continue building the industry's best social media marketing platform.

We plan to launch the new user interface on August 15th. When you log in to the Suite you will be provided with a written guide and video tutorial to lead you through the changes.

The switch to Wildfire 2.0 is a fully automated process and does not require you to take any actions, so all of your account settings and content will be waiting for you upon login.

We think that the new, streamlined application layout and consistent design enhance the user experience and make social media management more intuitive than ever. We know you will enjoy these improvements and we look forward to getting your feedback!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[VIDEO] Wondering how the Wildfire team found out about the Google news? watching an amazing video. What started as a typical Tuesday morning changed when the team received an email inviting them to an impromptu all-hands meeting taking place in 15 minutes. As a flood of people shuffled into their auditorium-style seats, Victoria and Alain played a short video that promised to answer the question on everyone's mind. The conclusion, where the news is revealed, is the best part. But we think the lead-up could touch your heart as it did ours.

The video below is a view of the team watching the announcement. And below that is the actual presentation that revealed the announcement!

Want to see the full clip? That video is below: