Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Road to ROI: Four social strategies every brand needs to know in 2013 with Jeremiah Owyang

When done right, social marketing can be a powerful lever not only to influence how consumers think and talk about your brand, but also to amplify your brand presence and message to drive measurable business results and ROI. How can your team strategize to achieve greater success with social media marketing in 2013 than ever before?

Join Wildfire for a live webinar with industry expert Jeremiah Owyang, of the Altimeter Group, to get the top social marketing strategies for:

  • Alignment: How to sync your social with your business objectives.

  • Impact:  Ways to maximize results by allocating social where and when it makes sense in your marketing plan.

  • Organization: How to line up your resources the way top social
    brands do.

  • Engagement: Key strategies to strengthen the core of your social success.

How do top brands execute these strategies in real life? Don’t miss your chance to find out. Register now!

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