Friday, February 8, 2013

Case Studies: Scaling Social Business with the Altimeter Group

For large enterprises, managing social across teams, sub-brands, networks, regions, time zones, and languages, takes a great deal of planning and coordination. The Altimeter Group just tackled this topic in a report on how four major brands have created scalable social businesses while successfully engaging consumers: “Case Studies: Scalable Social Business.”

PUMA, a Wildfire client, is one of the brands featured in the report. With limited headcount, PUMA has successfully scaled its social presence across regions, networks and sub-brands. An excerpt from the PUMA section of the report highlights the ways in which the global apparel and footwear company uses Wildfire to do this:

“PUMA first looked to SMMS vendor Wildfire (now a part of Google), primarily to coordinate and schedule posts. Later, it would rely on Wildfire to help with moderation of spam and inappropriate content, language translation, and content targeting, as well as governance across its regional markets. Holmes notes that the regional emphases have had a clear impact. ‘The company has seen engagement grow significantly,’ she says.”

Check out the full, free report “Case Studies: Scalable Social Business” here. Comment below and let us know what you think of how these four enterprises have uniquely approached scaling for social.

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