Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Facebook Marketing Tip: Launch an Advent Calendar!

At Wildfire, we are always hard at work designing beautiful and functional Facebook page template designs so that our clients have the richest and most compelling choice of interactive pages to offer users. We have over 100 different options, including apps that are optimized for mobile, and every type of rich media.  Last year, we introduced a countdown format “Advent Calendar” template, and it’s back for the holidays! The advent calendar template lets clients create a calendar with any number of days (up to 31), while programming each day to unlock a special treat, message, gift, or prize.

Wildfire’s Pages application, one of the tools in our social marketing Suite, has several “advent-like” templates that are ready for customization, such as the one in the example below. When a user clicks on a day to reveal its secret contents, he or she will see one of two things: if the day has been unlocked, the user will see a box appear with the revealed content; if the day has not been unlocked, the user will see a box with a reminder to come back again later when the content is unlocked.

We launched our own “social media education advent calendar” on the Wildfire Facebook page so you can see the advent template in action. Check out the tips revealed on our own calendar on Day 1:

The advent calendar can be launched at any time of year (countdown to Valentines anyone?), and easily customized to the theme of your choice using the easy-to-update Page Manager customization guidelines, or you can publish it entirely “out of the box” as we’ve done above.

How creative can you get with your customizable social media advent calendar? The sky is the limit! Tell us what you would put behind each day in the comments below— we love to hear from you!

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