Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Meme Madness, where only one meme can reign supreme

What do the infamous dancing baby, harlem shake, and rickroll all have in common? They’re all famous internet memes, having been seen across seemingly every screen of every internet user in the world—and likely many times. A meme is an image or video that is passed electronically from one internet user to another, but the ones we all know best are the ones that have an instant appeal and go viral. In March, we celebrate internet memes!

Basketball fans have their March brackets, and we have ours too. Cats vs. dogs, hunks vs. dunks, birds vs. nerds and more. Welcome to Meme Madness. Social wouldn’t be the same without these weird and witty internet sensations—and it’s time to pick your favorites. We’re using our Pages suite tools and templates to launch this month-long competition to pick the greatest meme of them all.


As part of our 12 Months of Social, all through March we’re using this engaging competition to settle the score amongst our sweet 16 of internet memes. Join the fun every week until we crown a champ on March 29th. Which meme will reign supreme? Your vote will help determine!


Once you’ve voted, let us know your picks for the winners, use #12mosocial to forecast your picks on Twitter, Google+, or Instagram, or tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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