Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your top social media questions, answered

Great social media marketing never stops, and neither do all the learning and best practice tips you can pick up about it. In May, we embraced education with a little celebration...of Cinco de Mayo, with a Wildfire twist. All month long, we welcomed our community of fans and followers to submit all their burning questions about social media, marketing, best practices and the like— and in exchange, we'd pick a question a week and answer it in a video, straight from our social marketing expert, Wildfire's Chief Evangelist Maya Grinberg! That was five videos over five Fridays— Cinco de Maya! so

Now that our month-long celebration of social media is concluded (and make sure you check out our June promotion) we're putting all the videos in one place for you, for the easiest access to five weeks worth of learnings.

Week 1: Do you have any examples of brands that have found success in using social to drive ROI?

We sure do! 

Week 2: Do you have any special recommendations on how to build my fanbase and increase social media engagement?


Week 3: What are the best ways to get consumers to share photos and videos that feature a brand?

There are many ways, we'll share three in the video. 

Week 4: How do I get the most engagement from my social campaigns?

It really depends what you mean by engagement, so let's talk about that. 

Week 5: What's the difference between social ads and regular ads?

Social ads are one form of digital marketing, but they have many unique differentiating features that we detail in in this video. Watch below to learn about optimizing social ads, segmenting your social audience, and how social ads software works.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and asked us all their burning social media questions! What did you think of our video series? Tell us in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you.

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