Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SMB HoliDAYS Day 5 with Suz.

Happy Holidays y'all!! Suz here with you sharing a few pics of my holiday scrappy storage (per lovely Lady Shay's request). ;)

First off is my "Big Green" tool tote. I picked this up a few Black Fridays past at a local antique/thrift store. I loved the colors, the cubbies, and the functionality of it all. My hubby raised an eyebrow when he saw it enter the house, but I gave him the confident "I-know-just-the-place-and-use-for-this-don't-worry-my-dear" look and went on my way. ;)

Top left, is my spray mist/Stickles cubby. Followed left to right by my washi cubby, embellishment cubby, and embossing cubby. The lower large cubby contains a variety of holiday stamps, patterned paper collections, chipboard and rub-ons, as well as various trims. I love having all of it at arm's reach while I have my back-up scrappy stash on & or around my desk and on my mobile scrappy station, shown here:

I found this scrap station at a local thrift store and knew it had to come home with me. Super sturdy, with drawers that hold huge amounts of 12x12 and larger scrap items; like Hambly transparancies (miss that company so), Project Life page protectors, patterned paper, and cardstock. I love that I can lock the drawers too (bc sometimes I like to be able to not share my secret stash of sweets -like Dove Peppermint Bark Promises! ;)

Above the drawers are cubbies that fit baskets that I change out for the seasons. In these baskets I store my acrylic stamps collection, stamping block, wet wipes and stamp cleaning supplies. The top of my station holds my vintage typewriter, my roundabout Harbor Freight tiered storage, and my grandmother's sewing machine. I especially love that it is set on casters, so I can move it around my scrap studio pretty easily. Some days I roll it around the room to face the tv so I can type, scrap, or sew from it.  I don't usually scrap standing, but for whatever reason, I do like to use my sewing machine & typewriter standing (well at least for scrappy stuff, that is!). 

How do you or have you set up your holiday scrappy spots? Does it differ from your usual system? Link us up or comment below with the ways in which you keep your holiday crafting organized. 

Happy #5 Y'all! 

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