Saturday, December 1, 2012

SMB 12 HoliDAYS: Day 1 with Shay

How about 12 Days of extra Social [Media] Butterflies holiday inspiration??? I just LOVE the holiday season, and I know all of you paper-crafters out there do too. Not only do we have our layouts, cards & mini books, but during this time of year a lot of us go out of our way to do a few projects around the house to decorate with our skills ;] For the next 12 days, our Butterflies are going to share with you some tips, tricks & ideas to help you get started and finish up some of those projects!

For today, I will be sharing my December mini book.
Yes, I am doing a December Daily. Yes, I like to take on a lot of projects at one time, but as a few of you know, I have plenty enough holiday goods this year from all the amazinnnnng DD kits out there, so why not? I was SO incredibly inspired by Annette Hearing, and her notebook that I immediately went out in search of doing my own version. I didn't take the 31 Lists class, but I LOVED seeing it pop up all over the blogs and on instagram, so when Annette posted her prompts and ideas for this December project, I was all over it! She was wonderful enough to share the prompts on her blog for FREE, and I cannot wait to get started tomorrow. Here's what I have prepped to use:

ALL of these items I picked up at Target-- part of the AC Merrymint collection that I am absolutely in LOVE with. The designs are just perfect for a journal I see as Caleb's!

I also love the polaroid a day look she's picked, so I am letting the pictures be instax pics by Caleb, so it'll be like his OWN mini DD ;] So even if you aren't  planning on doing a December Daily, consider doing something like this. The best part is, it fits RIGHT into my DD, so for me they'll go together, and will be really fun to pull out & look at in the future!!

&& because I LOVE to share goodies, especially during the holiday season, I want to start off the 12 SMB HoliDAYs with a giveaway ;] How about a giftbox with some of my favorite holiday goodies that I have in my new shop?? You'll have until the 12th to get all of your entries in, and that's just on THIS post, I know plenty of the girls will have other giveaways & fun things going on all 12 days, so make sure you check back often!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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