Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February is for Rockin': Wildfire's 12 Months of Social Spotify Playlist

The eternal opportunity to create engagement between people and companies has always been in music. Before social networks, before the internet even (doesn’t that seem ages ago!), brands sought to connect with consumers by using jingles, diddies, soundtracks, and more— all to make that coveted customer connection. We’re putting music back on the docket with this month’s “12 Months of Social” (#12mosocial) installation: a socially integrated Spotify playlist of the best artists representing at South by Southwest ®!


If you’re not headed to SXSW next month, you’ve at least got your eyes (and ears) on it. That’s why we chose February to highlight our Spotify Music Sharing template.

It’s perfect for building branded playlists that can’t wait to go viral. While any songs, or even playlists of song collections, can be added to the template and launched to the brand’s Facebook page and microsites, we themed our collection around the upcoming music festival in Austin, Texas.

Our playlist includes popular SXSW alumni artists and the most anticipated new acts of 2013. Your brand’s playlists can amp up engagement by tapping into themes your own fans love to talk about.

What’s on the calendar for March? Get ready for a little marketing madness! In the meantime, tell us what you think by dropping a note in the comments or by using #12mosocial on Twitter, Google+, or Instagram!

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